No matter what reasoning I come up with

there’s no explaining you

But no matter how much I think about it

what I know is that

it was surely destiny that things would become like this

We cant see each other’s future anymore

'cause we went too far away,

too long ago.

But I will always hope

That you’re having

Another beautiful life.

You followed that person to the corner of this city

You held out that gentle left hand

You handed down your warmth, I remember all of it

With a smile

With a smile

Too often I feel overwhelmed, and so I long to believe that somewhere, someone is calling my name. Yes, too often I feel overwhelmed. Even though doing what I love and loving someone seems so natural, why must I suffer so many wounds and be knocked down so many times?

Gaining that which you truly desire requires tremendous power to overcome the incessant barrage of troubles and hardship. But when I think I have nothing left, if someone from his heart would call my name, I feel I can run again. And in the same way, when I think I am done for, if from my heart I call out someone’s name, I feel a bit closer to being saved.